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History of the Company

A PERFECT FIT ASSISTED LIVING was founded in 2016 by John and Christina Fitts with the intent and desire to positively impact and transform the retirement industry. “We both recognized the attributes that quality assisted living offers; by creating a wholesome environment in which seniors thrive, their loved ones reap the benefits of peace of mind, which we deem to be a priceless commodity.”

Less than one year later, their first residential facility, aptly named A PERFECT FIT ASSISTED LIVING welcomed its first resident. Soon after, the home became a thriving residence, brimming with love and compassion. Based on the success of their flagship location, A PERFECT FIT ASSISTED LIVING expanded into Eastern Baltimore County with An Easy Fit Assisted Living, expanding not only their occupancy but also their custom-tailored programs, designed with today’s active seniors in mind.

Our Philosophy

Our Mission

A PERFECT FIT ASSISTED LIVING seeks to be a leader in restoring hope and well-being within the senior care community, through upscale and premiere residential facilities. Our infinite goal is to expand, innovate, and bring heart to the aging management market in Maryland by delivering services that not only exceed regulatory and policy standards, but offer compassion and kindness to the community at large. We do this all within a wholesome work environment, committed to the growth and development of our world-class team.

Our Vision

To inspire residents to independently reach their healthiest and happiest potential by creating a safe, warm, enjoyable, and inviting home atmosphere.

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